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Our future plan is to set up educational and research institute for teaching Home Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Health Management.

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Our proposed institute will have following teaching and research program:

  1. Application of Home Medicine for treatment of complex and multiple diseases.
  2. Application of Preventive Medicine especially to prevent dreadful diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Cardiovascular Diseases, etc.
  3. Health Management especially with respect to Nutritional aspect.
  4. Fundamentals and theoretical teaching on various systems of medicines. Application of “Biopathy” system of Medicine through “medicine, diet & exercise”. Practical application of Home-treatment. Use of Preventive Medicines in dreadful diseases.
  5. Direct or Postal or e-Tuition will be provided for the students as well as to the interested persons.
  6. Research oriented work on “Bio-force”, “Genetics” and “Prevention of Genetic Diseases”. Regular publishing the research work through website for our students or like-minded people, for culture of knowledge.


The institute will be run strictly on no-loss no-profit basis. We are not interested on any patent-oriented work or remuneration. We believe in culture of knowledge.


  1. Education will not be limited to normal curriculum of common teaching institutes. Highest priority will be given to innovative thinking and free learning which may even contradict to general bookish knowledge. Practical classes will be conducted for application of Home-medicine for Home-treatment along with theoretical classes.
  2. Though the main subject of teaching will be Nutrition, Preventive Medicine and Genetics, the culture of knowledge will be extended to almost all branches of science and philosophy. We will not provide any certificate which may help students to apply for any government service.
  3. We encourage and promote voluntary research work in any field of science, especially on life science. Culture on traditional knowledge will be discouraged because traditional thoughts are generally beyond our scope of activity.
  4. Innovative thoughts or research papers of the volunteers will be uploaded through our website on regular basis. Managing committee will have full right to select the uploading text in website in accordance with rules and regulations. Thus you will have direct access of your publicity for your research work.
  5. Within our ability, we will extend our best assistance to the students and volunteers already trying for doctorate degree under different institutes.
  6. There is no qualification or educational bar to join our institute – anyone from any discipline with innovative thought can join our institute. This is applicable to school students as well as old persons. However it is implied that students of science or nutrition will feel more comfortable with our educational program or research activity.
  7. Feel free to contact us – for study, for publishing research papers and for involvement in new research work. Please indicate your objective for attachment with our institute.


  1. To teach our students through “Direct Lectures in Classroom” or “Postal Tuition” or “e-Tuition” fundamentals of various systems of medicines including Home-medicine for Family-treatment. The course will be divided in three categories: Level “A”, Level “B” and Level “C”. Easiest and common version will be termed as Level “A” and toughest version will be termed as Level “C”.  
  2. To provide special knowledge on Nutrition, Preventive Medicine and Health Management through practical oriented class. Importance of Diet and Exercise in our daily life. To establish the economic concept of daily Nutrition for maintenance of health.
  3. To make students familiar with instrumental measurement of Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Injections with respect to health management of self and family.
  4. To provide basic knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Bio-chemistry related to Human body. Science students will be provided with advanced course on the subjects. Curriculum is made in such a way that students will always get new ideas through education. 


  1. Students who are already doing research work by self or through other Institutes may join with us for our guidance and publishing their papers through website. All research papers will be published through separate and independent website.
  2. We will also offer new subjects for research work to the students and volunteers. Necessary guidance in the best possible way will be provided to the students for innovative research on any discipline of Science.


  1. Classical Homeopathy – Theory and method of selection of medicine.
  2. Electro-Homeopathy – Theory and method of selection of medicine.
  3. Bach Flower Medicine – Theory and method of selection of medicine.
  4. Ayurvedic, Herbal & Unani Medicine – General application of medicine.
  5. Allopathic Medicine – General application of medicine in common diseases.
  6. Surgery & Pathological Tests – Importance of these subjects with elaborate discussion.
  7. Home-medicine or Biopathy – Practical application in Family-treatment. Treatment of common diseases, Preventive aspect and maintenance of Health. Combination of Medicine, Diet and Exercise for treatment of complex disease. Demonstration of basic exercise like walking, breathing and Yoga. Conducting some of the Basic Tests which are applicable in Family. Limitations of Home-medicine.
  8. Science of Disease & Methods of treatment – Basic concept for the cause of disease. Treatment of disease – Nerve disease, cardiovascular disease, disease of glands, arthritis, asthma, allergy, eye, digestive system, child & female disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.
  9. Genetics, Disease & Medicine – Relationship between gene, health, disease and medicine. Side effects of drugs under certain conditions.
  10. Comparative analysis of treatment in various systems of Medicine with advantage and disadvantage. Preventive Medicine for all diseases & Curative treatment under different systems.

NOTE: Teaching for advanced level “B” & “C” will be decided on basis of the aptitude of the students.


  1. Interested students will be provided with associated course through special tutorial classes on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Life Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Management and other general subjects.
  2. The objective of special tutorial classes is to make students familiar with multiple subjects irrespective of normal curriculum, to extend their depth of knowledge in diversified fields. This will help them in completive examinations or establishment of better carrier or success in research oriented works. Expert teachers will teach all these special subjects.  


  1. Until and unless our own building for institute is established, we will run our classroom for direct lectures, on rental basis in well situated place in Kolkata. Exact venue will be decided by December 2013. Permanent building for the Institute will be established within 2015.
  2. Minimum fee will be taken to organize the classes. Additional fee will be charged for practical classes.
  3. Students or participants are requested to keep in touch with us to avail the direct teaching program.


  1. To establish several Micro-Hospitals in various places for treatment of common disease and application of Preventive Medicine based on the concept of Family-treatment. Micro-Hospitals will also keep record of the health status of people and will act as bridge between common people and large hospitals. Thus people will get more access to avail the advanced treatment in hospitals. However, it is pertinent to mention here that surgery or emergency treatment is beyond our activity. 
  2. We shall invest our best to set up the Institute and Micro-Hospitals. We welcome interested persons for monetary contribution for development of the Institute and Micro-Hospitals for benefit of people. Special donations will be permanently displayed in our website.
  3. To elevate our institute to the level of high-grade research organization in various research activities of life-science. People will have direct access to the culture of knowledge.



"I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief..."



Our future plan is to set up educational and research institute for teaching Home Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Health Management. EASYMEDICINE book is globally available in most of the countries in the world and marketed by "" sites.Know more

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